Friday, January 01, 2010

Tired but looking forward!

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I found this photo in flickr, by a guy I may have met at the Coffee Talk barista jam in Ann Arbor. In the photo is Mark from Chicago, a true coffee geek, Gina from Milwaukee, my new friend on Facebook, Jess my part-timer, me, looking really tired, and Andy looking pensive, (not unusual for him.)

I keep going back to this weekend in my mind. The coffee shop we were in that day, MadCaps, doesn’t do bulk drip coffee. They don't offer a plethora of syrups, their coffees are not cheap, and yet they do good business.

Just some thoughts looking forward in to the New Year. I think that I may go back to my original idea of not having a drip coffee sitting in the pot all afternoon. So, perhaps after that last quick service lunch pot is finished I will only offer espresso, and hand poured coffees.
People are funny though, they apologize when I make them a cup of coffee this way in the afternoon, as if it is a lot of trouble for me. It is no trouble, as I want the coffee to sing, if it sits in a pot it barely hums.

Happy New Year!
What are you thinking about changing in the New Year?