Friday, January 01, 2010

Tired but looking forward!

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I found this photo in flickr, by a guy I may have met at the Coffee Talk barista jam in Ann Arbor. In the photo is Mark from Chicago, a true coffee geek, Gina from Milwaukee, my new friend on Facebook, Jess my part-timer, me, looking really tired, and Andy looking pensive, (not unusual for him.)

I keep going back to this weekend in my mind. The coffee shop we were in that day, MadCaps, doesn’t do bulk drip coffee. They don't offer a plethora of syrups, their coffees are not cheap, and yet they do good business.

Just some thoughts looking forward in to the New Year. I think that I may go back to my original idea of not having a drip coffee sitting in the pot all afternoon. So, perhaps after that last quick service lunch pot is finished I will only offer espresso, and hand poured coffees.
People are funny though, they apologize when I make them a cup of coffee this way in the afternoon, as if it is a lot of trouble for me. It is no trouble, as I want the coffee to sing, if it sits in a pot it barely hums.

Happy New Year!
What are you thinking about changing in the New Year?


Jason Smathers said...

Our local coffee shop AreoPresses every single cup, all day long.

Mariandy said...

I would rather have really good coffee, even if it takes a while to prepare it . . . of course, all of your coffee is excellent, so no worries there! :-) As for me, I'm going to seek a more simple life. Things have gotten way too complicated lately! Happy 2010 to all of you!!!