Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey happy Saturday! It is a beautiful day. So, our first full week as Bjava Coffee and Tea, yes well I am still spending money! Ha! That's what you do when you go into business!

Great news, the Starbucks across the way is going to be closed for a couple of days next week!
The bad part of that is they are putting in a drive-thru! Well, they can keep the lazy folk who can't get out of their cars for a kind word and a great cup!
At least on the days they are closed I can serve up some fantastic coffee, and win over some of their regulars!

Tim, the roaster and kind sole who sold me this shop, opened for me today. He sold a ton of coffee beans! That is good for both of us of course, it means I will be ordering a lot of coffee next week.

Barista Brian is playing in a softball tournament today. I hope they have fun!

So, here I am listening to erin mckeown on my laptop, and planning my next week. If anyone wants to stop by I will be working Saturday afternoons for the rest of the semester. Brian has an afternoon art class on Saturdays.


Anonymous said...

Kewl!!! Yay BJ!!!! I hope that it all goes well and you get ALL of Starbuck's patrons, esp when they learn what REAL coffee tastes like!!

Kelly P

JIm said...


Inspirational news... glad I found your blog. I've only re-constructed an espresso / coffee program once... it took years and is nowhere near done. But YOU are at the helm in your situation, and I'm not. I always tell myself people are drawn by quality. Whether they know good coffee yet or not, they will recognize it when they taste it.

Best of Luck.