Friday, March 30, 2007

Off the cuff
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Hey this was fun!
Paul Poteet and Tom Davis from channel 6 news and came into Bjava to film an Off the Cuff episode. Off the Cuff is an on-line video comedy in the youtube style.
Our episode was in the style of the game show, To Tell The Truth.
You see a couple of weeks ago one of my customers came in all excited, Ginger had heard Paul refer to "Betty Barista" on the morning weather report. Ginger was sure he was talking about me, since my real name is Betty. (Now you all know! Darn it!!)

Well I took the opportunity to e-mail Paul about myself and my shop. He told me that Betty Barista is a nick name he had given his producer, Betsy, and that this sounded like a funny story. That is when I found out about "Off The Cuff", and we started planning a meeting of the "Betty's".

Filming was done over an hour to an hour and a half period. It's funny how long something that will end up being about 8 minuets long can take.

You can watch the video at the about link on Monday, but for a good chuckle don't just watch my video watch them all!


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